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Crocodile Dentist

Nifty Danger Dentist Crocodile/Alligator


The Nifty Danger Dentist Crocodile/Alligator toy is a game where you press the little green guy’s teeth one at a time until it snaps shut on your hand. This game is ideally done with multiple players, but our little one was able to play with it on her own for a long time as well – she had dolls, cars, and animals all getting snapped up and then running to the “Doctor” for a band-aid. Quite a simple toy with quite a few different models out there, we suggest the “larger” version as the small one is quite tiny. The highest rated is the Hasbro version, but it has too few teeth in our opinion. You can see links to a couple models below, and remember to keep your wits about you — this one is fun!

Video – Chomp Chomp!

Here is a video of Kimiko, Mommy, & Dolly playing with the “Patient”!
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