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Blume Skyrocket Secret Surprise Toy Review

Blume Skyrocket Secret Surprise Garden Playset


Blume, where outrageous grows. That is their tag-line, and it delivered — mostly. We loved the toy and Kimiko still plays with it daily. First, the pros…

  • The watering to open/grow the doll is a very neat concept and Kimiko loved it, as you can see in the video attached.
  • The toy is well made and stands up to the abuse of a 3-year old!
  • The miniature parts and accessories are in abundance and work very well with the dolls allowing her to dress and accessorize the dolls.
  • We love the fact that the blooming can be done more than once (aside from the watering aspect).

Now, the very limited cons:

  • This is not any easy toy to open — they use absurd amounts of tape!
  • The water play is a great concept, but the watering can under the lid really is not effective.

All in, this one kept her entertained for a very long time and continues to do so — and the fact that the doll’s flower head dresses come off have made her enjoy constantly popping them off and on! We would give this 4.5 out of five stars; and the price is amazingly good for the quality!

Video – Let’s Get Watering!

Here is a video of Kimiko & Daddy playing with and growing some dolls!
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