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Orbeez Toy Review


We are not sure if Orbeez qualify as a toy or not, but they are awesome! We have had both the dry (you add water) Orbeez and the prepackaged ones like you can see in the video below. They are bright and vivid in color – loads of slippery fun – and a great value if you buy the dry ones. A couple fun ideas for Orbeez play are:

  • Fill a Kiddie Pool with them and play like crazy for hours!
  • Mix them with slime! Be advised that when you do this, the slime gets really sticky!

There are no negatives here, we absolutely love Orbeez, and your toddler or child will too!

Video – Orbeez & Orbeez Slime Time

Remember to check out the videos to see the Orbeez in action, and if you love the videos — how about a subscription?


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