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Hello there. I am Kimiko and I love to play - but then again who doesn't? I like to review toys (AKA: play with them) and make videos. I am not all about playing though, I do love to try new clothes in my own personal style - and I will fight to get what I want to wear!  I also make videos centered around play based learning (pretend play, science experiments, color learning, ABCs, etc.) for younger kids.


The majority of what you will find on this website is parent related details, like the following.

  • Actual toy reviews – often with links to videos where you can watch me use them.

  • Notices of new videos – preview them before you let your kids watch them; however we do promise they are kid safe.

  • Links and details to other video content producers we find to be of value.

  • The random advise or sharing column.


I can be found at the following locations on Social Media:


Thanks for visiting! Don’t forget to bookmark, like, share, follow…etc. But remember, you can always come here if you lose your way!

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