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Cra-Z-Art Cotton Candy Maker

Mix with colored sugar and have a real blast!

Not sure where we actually got this one from, but we eventually decided to give it a try. We had rented full-scale cotton candy machines before and they were noisy -- surprisingly this one is not anywhere near as loud and makes the same great tasting fluffy cotton candy! It comes with a few basic cones, and a light-up wand which is what Kimiko insisted on using for gathering up the cotton candy. We tried with regular sugar - and had no issues at all, and when we created the video, we used colored sugar. We picked ours up from the baking isle in the local grocery. I am sure you could make your own colored sugar - we did not want to try that yet. All in all, it is exactly what it says - a real cotton candy maker and we highly suggest getting one. The only drawback is the on/off switch is part of the bowl, and a little cumbersome - but don't pass on this because of that!

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